Intern with Curvy. Thick. Fit.

Curvy. Thick. Fit. ("CTF"), Where Fitness Flirts with Femininity, is a progressive and innovative woman-owned fitness brand whose mission is to help women enhance their curves, achieve their fitness goals, and, activate their inner fitness vixen.  We are currently looking for interns with an artistic/creative background that are interested in an opportunity where they can showcase their talents as:

Activities and Events Coordinator

Blog Writer

Content Creator/Strategist

Creative Director

Diet & Exercise Specialist

Fashion Stylist

Image Consultant


Public Relations Specialist


Visual Arts Specialist

Web/Graphic Designer

The incumbent should embody the following characteristics:

  • Creative, innovative

  • Passionate, technologically savvy with exceptional skills

  • Driven and a self-starter, a visionary with the ability to see the big picture

  • Friendly team player who is out-going, conversational, and can “think outside the box”

YOUR ROLE. Collaborate and independently contribute to a team, in support of the team’s mission, to further support CTF’s mission.  The team’s mission is to work collectively to increase the content on CTF’s website/social media and cultivate CTF’s image (collectively, the “Team Mission”).  The Team Mission shall be consistent with CTF’s brand and mission.

YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES. While working as an intern for CTF, you will be molded into a professional who gets results and operates off of a high level of creativity with an unmatched work-ethic.  Your responsibilities, with respect to your major, shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Create, draft, and, edit content for posting on CTF’s website and social media pages.

  • Research content topics, i.e., compile information, conduct interviews, attend events, use products/services.

  • Post and monitor activity on CTF’s website, Instagram, and, Facebook pages.

  • Cultivate CTF’s image.

  • Attend regular staff meetings and events.

  • Other special projects as assigned and needed.

BENEFITS & PERKS.  This is an unpaid internship that requires a minimum of 15-20 hours of work per week, and, may lead to a full-time paid position with benefits for the right candidate.  You will have the following perks as an unpaid intern:

  • Flexible schedule with the ability to work remotely.

  • Opportunity to create a portfolio of your published work as you gain experience.

  • Event invitations, and, networking opportunities.

  • Access to free training, and, the ability to learn in-demand skills.

MINIMUM JOB REQUIREMENTS.  The individual applying for this position shall (i) have a practical understanding of how their role contributes to the Team’s mission, CTF’s mission and brand; (ii) be savvy with technology, social media, and, the internet; and (iii) have a minimum of a 3.0 gpa in one of the following majors: Communications, Visual Design, Animation & Effects, Film & Production, Fashion or some other formal education that leads to a career in one of the above-mentioned roles.

HOW TO APPLY. If you are interested in this position with CTF, please complete the Internship Application Submission Form and send a copy of your resume, portfolio, and work-product, to and allow 48-72 hours for us to review and respond to your submission.