How to Eat Healthy During the Holidays: Its All About Portion Control


The end of the year is my all time fav hands down. I just love the nostalgia and the “togetherness” that the last few months of the year brings - especially on the holidays!  My fav family holiday, with my greedy butt, is Thanksgiving! Yup! I love it for the food! LOL! I miss being a kid and smelling the aromas linger throughout the house as my mom cooked. The delicious smell of my mother’s homemade cinnamon buns… her baked macaroni and cheese, oven roasted turkey, fresh collard greens, candied sweet potatoes!! The list goes on!  I can literally taste it as I’m writing this! The closer we get to the holidays being present, the more impatient and greedy I get and the more my taste buds get set to explode! The only problem though, I don’t want to eat through all of the progress I’ve made with my body goals. So, I came up with the perfect plan to enjoy the tasty holiday foods and still stay on point with my body goals.  Keep reading for a list of my secrets to portion control during the holidays!

November and December are my two most favorite months of the year, besides my birthday in September (oh hey Virgos hey!!!).  I truly enjoy all of the foods that are served during the holiday season. To stay on point with my body goals, and still enjoy my favorite holiday foods, over time I have learned to use the following activities to better manage my portion control (this list, btw, is in no particular order):

  1. Drink a large cup of water prior to sitting down to eat.

  2. Divide your plate into quadrants. Fill ½ of the plate with veggies or low calorie highly nutritious foods, fill a little more than ¼ of the plate with protein, and the remaining space should be filled with fats.  The healthier the fat, the better!

  3. If you’re feeling greedy greedy then use a smaller plate.

  4. Allow yourself to sample the dessert spread, but limit it to either one full slice, or several pieces which together will equal two small slices.

  5. Eat dinner before sampling the desert table.

  6. If I eat a little too much, then the next day I go on a fast and drink plenty of water while I recover.

  7. I make sure that I do a vigorous fasted cardio workout the morning of the holiday festivities and the morning following it.

  8. Spend time talking with your loved ones while eating as opposed to eating and nodding. Make your dinner an experience of togetherness and not just about the food.

  9. Take your time eating, it’s not a race. Be sure to savor the moment.

  10. Count your holiday meal as your cheat meal.

  11. If all else fails, remember that you’re human. You’re allowed to mess up. Imperfection actually looks good on you and it's really not a bad thing.

Don’t sweat it. Eating one bad meal won’t make you fat or derail all of your hard work. Eating several bad meals and not being physically active is what makes you go backwards!  You’re allowed to splurge. A little! Enjoy your dinner and remember, you’ll be back at crushing your fitness goals the very next day! The most important thing to be mindful during your holiday meals is to be sure not to revert back to old habits of overeating and inactivity.  Mind your portions and stay on the move!