Transformation in Progress: Day 1 Complete (Snippet)

Transformation in Progress.GIF



So, on Sunday, September 2nd, I really had to push myself because I did not feel like getting up to exercise.


I truly wanted to lay around all day and do absolutely nothing.  But I pushed myself to get up and get moving.  I'm sooo glad that I pushed myself though.


Here is a snippet of me completing day 1 of the Fitness Vixen Challenge. And some "before" pictures which I will use to measure my progress throughout my fitness journey and the Fitness Vixen Challenge.


I am 5'9" and as of September 2, 2018, I weigh approximately 274 lbs.  I currently suffer from PCOS which I discuss in this article about the start of my fitness journey.

Transformation in Progress - Scrambled 4.GIF