Push Thru with My Bitmoji Fitness Journey

Hey Fitness Vixens!  So, being fit is not something that comes easy.  You will have to learn new habits and adjust your lifestyle to make fitness a part of your life. That means that you will have to let go of some old habits that you very well may enjoy doing, but those old habits are not necessarily any good for you or will not lead you to achieving your fitness goals. Once you learn which new habits to cultivate, getting to be fit should get easier and before you know it, you’re able to make fitness a part of your lifestyle. I’m not here to tell you that your fitness journey and developing new habits will be perfect. The truth is that it’s not perfect. I’ve struggled with my fitness and nutrition for a long long time. I feel like it was the hardest to do once I decided to start my fitness journey!!

In all honesty, some days are still a struggle for me, even after starting my fitness journey.  But I’m enjoying the beauty in learning how to find and create the balance needed for me to build consistency and see lasting results that I love and can easily maintain.

I made this special video to show you that I’m not perfect and neither is anyone else. I too have to spend time developing the right habits that will lead me to success with my fitness journey. So if you have in the past or are currently struggling with your fitness journey, don’t give up!  I’m right here with you pushing through too!!

If I can do it, you can do it too!!!! Push Thru!!!!!