Smoothies as a Healthy Meal Replacement

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Hey Curvy Girls, my name is Nancy and I love smoothies! I am a fellow Curvy Girl and I want to talk about smoothies and the benefits they have in helping to lose weight when incorporated with proper diet and exercise.

Smoothies can be a great meal replacement, a snack, or even a desert given the right ingredients. They can also give you an easy and convenient way to get your full serving of veggies throughout the day.  The best part about drinking smoothies is that you can tailor them to your preference, while still being healthy. They are a great solution for curbing your sweet tooth when you want a snack, a sweet treat, or, when you don’t want to eat junk food when you’re hungry and you don’t want to eat anything heavy. Smoothies are simple to make if you have a blender — all you need is fruit, vegetables and liquid to start out. When you get more comfortable and “adventurous” then you can start making your smoothies with more ingredients.

As not to overwhelm you, I’m going to keep it simple. To get started all you need is a bag of frozen mixed fruit or fresh fruit and a bag of spinach or kale, throw it in the blender with your favorite no sugar added liquid such as coconut water, coconut milk, almond milk, or lactose free milk and blend all the ingredients together. If you’re using fresh fruit and you want more of the smoothie/slushy texture add some ice. (You don’t really need ice with the frozen fruit) I suggest replacing at least one meal with a healthy smoothie for at least a week to cut calories and if you’re successful, replace a snack as well. I say healthy smoothies because fruit has sugar and we don’t want to consume so much of it even though it is a natural sugar.  When making your healthy smoothie, I suggest you use mostly greens like ¾ greens to ¼ fruit and if it’s not sweet enough you can add dates, or use fruit that is sweeter like well ripened bananas. Stay away from honey or agave [although they’re natural, they’re still sugar, and we want to stay away from sugar].  Agave is a natural sweetener but so is your fruit.  You can blend a week’s worth of smoothies and freeze them.  Amazon has great smoothie pouches or any cup with a lid that won’t burst in the freezer will do. To defrost it, just let it set out and defrost naturally. Take it out in the morning and it'll be ready by lunch time.

In all, making smoothies is a great tool to have on your weight loss journey to help reduce your calorie intake, replace a meal, save time on preparing food, getting all of your veggies in, satisfying your sweet tooth. I can talk about them all day because they are my favorite! They bring something different to the routine and help to keep you interested and not board with your diet.

I hope you enjoyed this article on smoothies, if you did let us know. Thank you for your attention, and remember it’s called a journey for a reason. Give yourself time to get there.

Here’s my most favorite and easy smoothie recipe

Strawberry, Banana and Spinach Smoothie

½ of a banana

3 to 4 strawberries cut or whole if frozen

Handful of spinach, more if you want

Ice optional

¼ cup of Coconut milk (more or less, your preference)

Blend together, and enjoy!

Smoothies as a Healthy Meal Replacement for Curvy Girls.jpg

Here’s some easy to follow healthy smoothie recipes, you can substitute the soy products for your favorite liquid like almond milk or coconut water like I said earlier…

Watermelon Smoothie Recipe.JPG
Blueberry Breakfast Smoothie Recipe.JPG
Apple-Strawberry Smoothie Recipe.JPG
Spinach + Avocado Smoothie Recipe.jpeg
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