Self-Care Tips for a Successful Fitness Journey

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Have you ever dreamed you had curves like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Nicole Murphy, or Ashley Graham?!?  Or, wished you had the confidence to flaunt your curves the way that they flaunt theirs!?! I know I have!  The other night I was telling my bestie that I feel like I’m missing out on life. I often cancel plans, don’t show up, or I avoid making plans altogether because I don’t want to deal with the hassle of finding the right outfit to compliment my curves and hide all of my rolls.  So lately it’s been a chore to get dressed and go out. I mean, I know I’m attractive, but I really am missing that umph that I need to put on a cute dress, some heels, and just step out like OKAY HOT MAMA! I simply can’t do it. My confidence level used to be on a 1,000, but lately it’s been more like -500.  I don’t feel as confident about my body as I used to feel about it. I don’t live as healthy of a life as I used to live. I’ve gotten so used to hiding behind my insecurities that I’ve let myself go. It shows in the way that I move, both figuratively and literally. I’m tired. I’m sick and tired of being tired. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired of being tired!!  I want to create a life for myself that I will actually enjoy living, without the need to hide behind layers of clothes. I want to be able to look back one day and say damn I absolutely love my life, the many memories that I created, and I looked and felt damn good living it too! So it’s on! I’m starting my fitness journey today to get my confidence and health back to A+ status.  First I need to eliminate or alter the things that led to the negative shift in my energy. Social media has played a major role in that shift, so, I’ll begin my journey by making some lifestyle changes and how I use social media.

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No matter how hard I try to stay away from Instagram, I just can’t stop.  It's like a guilty pleasure. Whenever I’m on there I always find myself staring at pictures of Beyoncé looking like a snack with her perfect curves.  Or Rihanna and her juicy hips with her slim-thick @$$.  Then I get fixated on Ashley Graham and how effortlessly she struts her voluptuous full figure hourglass curves down the runway.  Then somehow, Nicole Murphy pops up on my explorer page with her forever beach-body - she’s absolutely body-goals by the way.  By the time I put down my phone I can literally FEEL the anxiety creeping up my chest and suffocating me. Seeing those ladies flaunt their curves without a care in the world reminds me of how I’ve lost all confidence in myself and how I’ve let myself get out of shape.  Even though they’re famous and basically paid to look good, they still look good nonetheless, and always serve bawdy for days! That got me to thinking, what’s the difference between a woman who’s afraid to show off and a woman who’s not?!? Confidence! If I want to serve bawdy without a care in the world, then I have to build my confidence back up!  The first thing to do next - put down my phone and stop comparing myself to other women. Those women are beautifully curvy, but their curves do not make them who they are. That applies to me as well. My curves do not define me, they compliment my attitude.  And lack of having curves does not diminish my glow. I will still shine whether I’m curvy-thick-fit, have a square-flatty-patty, slim-thick with a round booty, or have a full figure hourglass shape.  I can still turn heads regardless. I don’t need to sabotage my self esteem and create insecurities by comparing my body to someone else’s body. Instead of focusing on all the things that I do not like about my body, I should focus on all of the things that I actually do LOVE about my body.  With that in mind, the sight of a fit or shapely woman will from now on be body-goals (a motivating factor); nothing more, nothing less.


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Let’s face it, instagram, like all other forms of social media, isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So if I’m going to be on the gram then I need to filter the types of content that I consume.  I need to reinforce positive body-image by surrounding myself with people that post positive, uplifting, motivating, inspiring, and realistic content. Instead of following accounts that glorify the unrealistic expectations that society often places on women, my goal is to follow accounts that promote self-love, speak life into one's self esteem, and puts an emphasis on living a healthy and fit lifestyle. By no means am I implying that those ladies, their posts, or anyone similar to them, are superficial or lack positivity.  In fact, the way those ladies embrace their curves is within itself a positive display of self-love and confidence. But, the bottom line is that I realize that I need a better way to control the images and ideas that I feed myself.  So it’s a no-brainer to do an inventory on all of the accounts that I follow on Instagram, and all my other social media profiles. Once I delete all of the superficial accounts from my news feed I’ll start following people that speak life and love into everything and everyone, especially into other women.  It’s a good idea to lead by example too! In addition to this blog, I created an instagram profile for Curvy. Thick. Fit. at @iamcurvythickfit, for the purpose of spreading fitness motivation and body-image positivity.   If you’d like to get started on your fitness journey you can follow @iamcurvythickfit for refreshing content that will inspire you to be confident, live your absolute best healthiest life, and stay motivated along your fitness journey.

Fall in Love with Yourself

Now that I’ve decided to shift my energy to focus on positive and uplifting content, I can now begin to work on myself.  Words cannot express how much I miss being a highly confident, bubbly, stylish, girly-girl. Sometimes I wonder, when-where-how-why I allowed all of that to slowly change over the years!  It’s kind of hard to pinpoint the exact moment where the change occurred, but I do know that I started spending my days and nights staring at myself in the mirror gripping my fat asking myself why. That “why” turned into me hating my body, and well, you know the rest.  So, how do I get that old thing back better than ever?!? Spend some time with myself and learn to love everything about myself all over again. This journey should be eye-opening and deeply rewarding. My goal here is to learn to enjoy how good it feels to fall in love with the process of falling in love with myself. I’m going to take time to do the necessary hard work and commit to treating myself the way that I know I deserve to be treated.  No more negative self-talk, only positive self-talk here-on-out.

Celebrate yourself through fitness

Although I’m not quite sure of the exact situation that led to my downfall, I can clearly see that not knowing my worth is at the crux of me developing a distorted body-image.  I spent so much time comparing my body to other women's bodies, being hyper-focused on all the wrong things, that I forgot to appreciate the beauty in how unique I am. So I fell out of love with myself. I began to feel ashamed of my body and tried to hide behind large oversized dark colored clothes.  It became easy for me to create a safety net to get comfy with indulging in unhealthy habits. Someone once told me that what you think affects what you do, and, what you do affects what you think. If that’s true, then I can start on any side of the paradigm. This shouldn’t be hard to fix. All I need to do is change my habits and work towards a complete transformation!  I’m looking to change my way of thinking and living - from how I eat, sleep, think, talk, and engage in physical activity. For starters, I will spend some time getting to know when, where, and how I let myself go. I’m hoping to take myself to a space where I will celebrate myself daily. My number one priority will be to celebrate myself and use fitness to develop discipline, will-power, accountability, and progress. I need to challenge myself to be pushed to the limits, to enhance every curve on my body, to prove to myself that hard work always pays off, and ultimately serve as a testament that my dope-ness is all that I need to live my best life.  My weight-loss and fitness journey isn’t all about obtaining my ideal perfect body. Yes, I’d love to lose weight, have the perfectly rounded booty, the snatched and nearly invisible waist, the ultra flat abs, and the juicy thick hips.  But I don’t need it. Instead my fitness journey is about me experiencing a transformation that allows me to prove to myself that I can change my circumstances. By changing my circumstances I can get myself to a point where I’m enjoying life the way that I should’ve always been enjoying my life. I’ll be less susceptible to falling prey to any insecurities or even allowing them to manifest. And most importantly, I’ll serve as motivation for women that are in need of inspiration.

I hope that you will be a witness to my transformation.  I want you to watch me snap back and be better than ever before.  I will document my fitness journey here on the blog using the tag, Transformation.  Let's join forces and support each other! Together, we can create a community of women who want to start their own fitness journey - from building or enhancing their curves to developing healthy habits to cultivating a healthy and fit lifestyle - we can do this together!  Join the Fitness Vixens mailing list now to get started on your fitness journey towards a life-changing transformation.  If you join, not only will you be surrounded by women like yourself that want to work towards changing their life through fitness, but I'll also keep you updated on my fitness journey and supply you with all the support you need to get started on your own fitness journey.  As a plus though, I will email you from time to time with special offers and deals that I believe will be useful to you and effective in helping you achieve success along your fitness journey.

Remember, the key to starting any fitness journey should came from inside of YOU!  If you’re feeling insecure, lost and in need of some direction, or you feel that you’re now ready to start your fitness journey, you can start now by making these simple changes to your lifestyle and adopting these easy to follow selfcare tips!

Stop comparing yourself to other women!

When on social media, follow accounts that promote self-love, speak life into one’s self esteem, and puts an emphasis on living a healthy and fit lifestyle!

Fall in love with the process of falling in love with yourself!

Celebrate yourself and use fitness to develop discipline, will-power, accountability, and progress!

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