Why You Should Choose Your Meals Wisely

You ever wonder why you always hear fitness gurus talk about the importance of eating a proper + balanced diet?

Well, the quality of what + how you eat is really important if you want to see major success with your fitness journey!

It’s not just the nutritional value of the foods you eat that determines whether you will have fast, slow, or no results at all.

And, to keep it 💯, it really doesn’t matter exactly what kinda diet you’re following, like #keto #paleo #fastingforweightloss #intermittentfast

Bc at the end of the day, calories are always gona be the same! So whether you’re eating grilled salmon over a bed of lettuce or a burger and fries, if you eat 3,500 calories (and don’t exercise to burn off calories) you will gain 1 pound!

That’s right! 3,500 = 1 pound of weight gain. There’s more science behind it but that’s as simple as it gets

So choose your meals wisely and for easy help with not eating too many calories, follow a meal plan that works for you!

I’d rather spend my calories on foods that are high in nutrients as opposed to high in fats or processed ingredients. If I am gona gain any weight, I prefer that it be muscle, to define my curves!